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    TRY IT FREE: Anti-Anxiety Calming Treats

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    TRY IT FREE: Anti-Anxiety Calming Treats

    $0.00 $37.99
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    NEW: 100% Organic Calming Treats

    The healthiest, tastiest, and most effective way to help calm your dog. Whether you have a pint-sized yorkie or a four-legged giant, our treats are changing the behaviors of thousands of dogs! For a limited time, try our treats FREE. Just pay shipping and tell us what you think!


    Can Improve Sleep & Behavior

    Packed full of vitamins and organic ingredients that can help eliminate restlessness at night.


    May Reduce Hyper Activity & Barking

    Our formula's key ingredients have helped our own dogs become well-behaved and much calmer and may do the same for your dog!

    Nurtures Your Relationship With Your Dog

    NurtureChews do exactly what the best of the best dog should do: deepen your bond with your dog.


    Can Reduce Pain and Seizures

    There's a ton of anecdotal evidence from dog owners reporting decrease in pain, lowering stress and managing seizures!


    • 75 Chews Included (8mg/chew)
    • 30-Day Guarantee
    • Great for Any Breed
    • 100% Organic
    • Cruelty Free
    • Third Party Tested


    TRY IT FREE: Anti-Anxiety Calming Treats


    Once you receive your LullaBed via shipment, un-package the bed and introduce it to your pup by placing it in their favorite corner or where they usually sleep. Typically dogs take to LullaBed right away, but you may have to give them a few days to adjust to the new bedding before noticing improvements in their behavior and anxiety. 

    Our luxurious faux fur is designed to mimic the feeling and comfort of a mother’s fur coat… so the more your dog uses their LullaBed, the more they will fall in love with it!

    The donut-like shape creates a sense of security and helps reduce stress from environment, such as being alone at the house or crate training.

    Depending on the severity of your dog's crate anxiety, LullaBed can help reduce the stress and fear of being in their crate.

    Dozens of customers have reported improved crate behavior and more sleeping with LullaBed.

    Yes! Whether you have a Great Dane or a pint-sized Yorkie, LullaBed is comforting for ALL dogs!

    That's ok! Simply shoot us an email at support@thelullabed.com and we'll be happy to arrange an exchange.

    Most dogs fall in love with the LullaBed instantly. But, it could take a little while for your dog to warm up to it. If there's just no love and it is within 30 days, we will gladly accept your return and refund you the cost of the product.

    Of course! We have a 30 Day Guarantee and an extended Lifetime Warranty!


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    Hear From Other Pup Parents!

    The LullaBed has calmed over 50,000 dogs of all sizes. Is yours next?

    I have a little 6lb Yorker with high anxiety. This bed was Heaven sent. She loves her bed ❤️

    This is one product that is exactly what the say. I have 2 teacup poodles and they hide in them and play. I have 2 homes and I have 7 beds. They run and jump from one to the other. It's the best bed and play area for your fur babies. I bought the large ones for my tiny babies.

    My Golden loves his bed. We got him one for every room. He's spoiled like that!

    Okay I took a chance and ordered yet another bed for my dogs. This is the BEST thing I have ever bought! They both absolutely love their beds now. Well made and beautiful. Super easy to wash and dry. My 80lb tall pit loves his. My 54lb border collie/husky mix loves hers too. Got them each the XL as they like to stretch out.

    We bought a LullaBed for our adopted dog a few months ago. The positive change in his mood when we are not home has been incredible.

    I have tried many products for our German Shepherd's anxiety and nothing seemed to work until I found the LullaBed. This product helps him calm down naturally.

    After trying dozens of dog beds out...our pup made it very clear to us that the XL Nurture Bed was the best option for him. We exchanged a smaller size for the XL and their customer service was fantastic.

    30-Day Guarantee

    Over 50,000+ Happy Customers

    Customer Support