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    The LullaBed Story

    Welcome to the LullaBed Store!

    We are a Florida-based brand dedicated to supporting your anxious dog with the #1 Anti-Anxiety Dog Bed. 


    Hi, I’m Jay Pellino, the Founder. :)

    I didn’t grow up with dogs. My mom was always afraid of them, so we were just never around them. We were always told that dogs were mean and aggressive. It wasn’t until I encountered an “angry” barking dog that was quickly calmed by being shown love that I realized my mom was wrong. With limited exceptions, dogs that appear angry, restless, and yippy are usually just frightened, love-deprived or anxious.

    When I realized that, I knew it had to become my mission to serve anxious dogs.

    We launched in 2021 as the NurtureBed. Between 2021 and 2022 we were able to serve roughly 50,000 dogs and different breeds and sizes. Due to complications with Facebooks advertising platform, however; we were forced to rebrand and relaunch as the LullaBed. And to be honest, I’m more excited about the product than I ever was before.

    I’m personally committed to curating a line of products beyond the Original LullaBed Anti-Anxiety Dog Bed that are designed to keep your pup calm and free from anxiety. This includes treats, toys and resources from experts.

    We’re also committed to supporting shelter dogs, particularly those local to our headquarters in Southwest Florida. To learn how you can support shelter dogs through your purchase or other ways to give, send us a message.

    Thanks for reading our story. I'm looking forward to serving your pup with our product!

    To your pup's sweetest dreams...



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