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    Case Studies

    It's the question on everyone's mind. Does the LullaBed actually work? Check out these three case studies that some of our customers have graciously submitted to us.  We'll let you be the judge...


    LUIGI: Angry & Anxious

    Luigi is a pincer/chihuahua mix that lives in Brentwood, TN with his parents Mike & Rosalie. He was the grouchiest dog you could imagine. He was extremely yippy and very angry when guests would come to Mike and Roe’s house. It got to the point that guests didn’t even want to come over for fear of being terrorized by Luigi’s relentless barking.

    For Christmas a few years back, Mike & Roe were given a LullaBed by a friend. At first, they thought it was just another dog bed. It sat in the closet for a few months until Luigi’s old bed got a tear in it from Luigi’s angry gnawing and clawing. To replace the old bed, Roe hopelessly pulled out the LullaBed for Luigi.

    And then…

    Luigi was quite literally transformed by the LullaBed. He is notably more relaxed and calm, even when guests arrived. And when he gets agitated, Roe just shakes the bed to remind him its there. All it takes is a quick snuggle, and Luigi is mellow yellow.



    WINSTON: Left at Home

    Rachel is a career-driven dog mom that works for an accounting firm in Vero Beach, FL. Her puppy, Winston, is not very supportive of her career because it leaves him home alone for the entire day!

    It was heartbreaking for Rachel to watch Winston on her nanny cam yelping for attention, chewing on furniture and sometimes even leaving accidents.

    What was Rachel to do? Her workplace wasn’t dog friendly and she certainly couldn’t afford a sitter.

    She stumbled upon the LullaBed while scrolling through Facebook and decided to give it a try. When it arrived, Winston was a little bit skeptical of the bed and avoided it for a couple of days. But she left it out for him anyway. That Monday, Rachel went to work as usual. When she opened her nanny cam app, she was shocked by what she saw! There was Winston, curled up in a little ball, asleep on his LullaBed!

    Rachel tried not to get TOO excited, but she was hopeful that this would be a solution to Winston’s anxiety and loneliness. Weeks later, Rachel reported that Winston hardly leaves his bed when she’s not home (according to the nanny cam) and he is generally more even tempered.



    Rae: Terrified of Travel

    Rae is an Australian Shepherd with a lot of personality. Her parents Andy and Angela are avid travelers and love taking road trips in their sprinter van. The problem is, Rae hates traveling. She’s even known to vomit ahead of a big trip and has on many occasions tried to jump in Andy’s lap while he’s driving. Needless to say, this put a damper on Andy and Angela’s travel plans.

    They tried everything. Snacks, toys, and even pills. But nothing calmed Rae’s travel anxiety. It wasn’t until Angela was told about the LullaBed by a coworker that things started to change. 

    On their next trip, Angela packed the LullaBed and put it down in the trunk of the vehicle where Rae is usually seated. While admittedly, the first leg of the trip was pretty similar to every other trip, Rae slowly started showing curiosity toward the LullaBed. During their stop at the Grand Canyon, Rae had the chance to spend some time with the LullaBed while the vehicle was stationary. By the time they were on the road again, Rae was curling up into the calming fibers; completely unbothered by her environment. 

    Andy and Angela never leave for a trip without their LullaBed. They even got a second "home bed" for the times they aren't traveling. 


    Ready to give it a shot? All beds come with a risk-free 30 Day Guarantee! If your dog doesn't like it, send it back for a refund. 

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