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    Care Guide

    Introducing The LullaBed - Best Practices

    Whether you are using your The LullaBed in a dog crate or the living room
    we recommend warming up your dog to the bed slowly to get the best
    results. Some strategies that have worked well for our customers include:

    • Not forcing your dog to lay in the bed immediately upon opening the bed.
    • Placing your dog’s favorite blanket or chew toy/bone in the bed.
    • Positive Reinforcement- when your dog decides to lay in their LullaBed reward them with a small treat and affection.
    • Spray a small amount of lavender essential oil on the bed.
    • Spending time with your dog while they lay in the bed - watching TV, reading a book, sipping some wine, etc.
    • Keeping the bed in one location your dog is comfortable in.

    Cleaning Your LullaBed

    Since dogs like to mark their territory your dog may go to the bathroom in their LullaBed; especially if they are a puppy. No sweat! Your LullaBed is 100% machine washable.

    To wash your bed simply put the entire bed in an empty washing machine. Use cold water and a delicate washing cycle. Laundry detergent is safe to use on this bed. To dry your LullaBed we recommend air drying the bed for a few hours, manually fluffing up the bed, and then putting the bed in the dryer on low tumble with NO HEAT for 10-15 minutes.

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